Frequently Asked Questions

I just finished the tutorial, what to do now?

Keep training your statistics, fight your opponents, and when you become a top dog of your level Join compeitions and fill your palmares with trophies.

How do I fight?

To fight, go to arena, find the opponent and click the glove icon next to their name.

How do I fight for a title?

Once you enter the arena, the first 4 opponents (those who have a small title icon on their banners) are the champions. First one is the main one fall champion while the others are specialty champions.
One fall is open for everyone, while for the other titles, you need the specialty match, which you can buy on your profile. (Wrestler > Profile > Match types)

How do you make more money?

You can make Fantaeuros by simply fighting. However, winning a title and defending it will yield you more money. Tournaments and leagues can also enhance your bank account if you win some turns in them.
Daily targets though are the best way to get fast fantaeuros, but those are limited to 3 a day.

How to gain experience?

You gain experience mainly by fighting matches. In addition, advancing in tournaments, or doing sparring sessions can boost your experience really fast. But if you want a long term boost to your experience gain
you should invest in entrances, as each 20 entrances will give you +1 experience everytime you fight.

How to gain Tournament points?

You can make 2 free tournament points everyday by completing all your daily targets. Other ways to make TPs are:

* Completing achievements: Some achievements have a big TP rewards. try to finish all the 5 steps of an achievement to unlock big rewards.
* Winning titles: Winning a title and ending someone else's reign will have a chance to give you an extra bonus reward that includes TPs, depending on how tough your opponent was.
* Events: Monthly events always have a 20 TPs reward, while flash events have 5 TPs. Make sure to always complete them when you can.
* Holiday competitions: TWG runs special events during some holidays, and they usually include TP rewards, so keep an eye out for those

If you need more TPs, you can buy them via the "Supporter" page, and support the game development.

How do I level up?

In order to level up, you need to defeat your level master. Masters are threshold wrestlers designed to keep you on a certain level until you're ready for the next step.
Each master is balanced to perform fairly well against all classes, and you cannot challenge them in any other match type other than regular one fall.

I have more statistics than my opponents but I keep losing. Why?

Make sure you always spend your skill points (Gym > Skills). If you keep losing, then you might want to read some guides on how to build yoru wrestler properly.

How do I unlock stronger moves?

To unlock stronger moves, you need to have stronger skills. Each 2 skills have a moves path they unlock, and as you make those skills stronger, powerful moves will unlock for your wrestler to learn.
Check the ingame moves table to easily understand how to unlock new moves.

Is there a maximum level you can reach in the game?

Yes, there is. Level 21 is the maximum level of the game, and that's where all the action is.
Level 21 players are the ones who compete for all the game's biggest competitions such as WG Championship, Royal Rumbles, the big private leagues ... etc.
Also, Most hall of famers are level 21 and that's because level 21 is where all the strongest wrestlers hang out.

What is retirement?

After playing through your wrestlers lifespan (which takes around 2 IRL years) you will be forced to retire.
That is mainly because once you reach age 54 ingame, your performance will start to drop, and you will be at a disadvantage compared to younger wrestlers.
Your objective should be to submit your name into the hall of fame to comemorate your performance forever, and show everyone who plays the game how big of a legend you were.
Retirement also comes with benifits That will boost the next (Junior) version of you wrestler, making him even more powerful and giving even big odds to score a much more impressive run, if you want to.

What is the use of Fantaeuros?

Fantaeuros are mainly used to purchases entrances or special abilities. But buying and training moves also charges you for a small fantaeuros fee.

What is the use of experience points?

Experience points are the best way to boost your performance, and they are mainly used to purchase advanced techniques.

What are tournament points used for?

You can do a lot of cool things with tournament points around the game. You can:

  • Join tournaments
  • Join leagues
  • Reset advanced techniques, special abilities, and entrances to get your ressources back
  • instantly level up your finishers and trademarks
  • Instantly improve your specializations
  • Refill your energy
  • ... and more.

If you are out of tournaments points, you can buy them via the "Supporter" page in game.

What to buy? Special abilities or Entrances?

  • There is no "one size fits all" answer to this question, because to each their preferences, and each feature has its advantages. Special abilities are a great short term investment, and can give you a big boost if your objective is to just win competitions and progress through levels in a short period of time.
  • Entrances, on the other hand, are a slow long term investment that will yield you a lot of experience during your career that you can spend on Advanced techniques.
  • You can also use a combination of both, by focusing on entrances while compensating for your advanced techniques weaknesses with some special abilities as a quick fix.

How many trademarks, taunts, finishers should I have?

No matter how many trademarks, taunts, or finishers you have, you can only execute 3 of each category. Meaning whether you have 1 or 3 finishers, you'll still only be to execute 3 finishers during the whole match
so if you have only one, you'll be able to execute that same finisher 3 times, while if you have 3 you'll hit a random combination of the 3 depending on your opponent's position when your adrenaline cost is ready.

For that reason, it is advised that you only use one finisher/taunt/trademark so all of the executions will go to it, making it level up faster, and maximizing its damage.

Which taunt duration is the best to use?

Taunt durations is a tricky business, and again, There isn't a standard answer for this question. But, to make it simple for you, 1 turn taunts are teh easiest to pull off as they require only for your opponent to be grounded, for you
to execute them, so if they trigger, there is no way to stop them.

However, 2 and 3 taunts have a higher risk to reward ratio, and if you can pull them off, they can easily change the course of the match.
These however are not newbie friendly, so better stirr away from these if you don't know what you're doing.

How much energy does each match type costs?

These are the costs of different match types in the game:

  • Single (Regular): 1 Energy points
  • tag Team (Regular): 2 Energy points
  • Stable (Regular): 3 Energy points