Technique Class

gets 50% reduced training time in the Technique statistic, receives extra skill points upon a Technique statistic level up and an extra skill stat called: Mastery

Technique wrestlers focus on causing damage and injury through the use of submissions and has a strong avoidance base.

Technique skills are as follows:



Block is another defensive skill that allows you to nullify your opponent's attack, but the difference between this and dodge, is that block doesn't give you back the initiative.
Block however is easier to use and with the sufficient amount, you can block every attack in your opponent's attack sequence.

If you prefer you can combine both dodge and block so that you can block to avoid getting hit until your dodge kick in allowing you to attack back.


Power Grappling

We are now entering the mighty realm of submissions. Power grappling is specific to submission builds, so unless you have submission maneuvers in your moves arsenal, this skill will be useless to you.
Power grappling is your Submission Damage Increaser (SDI). It increases the damage of your submission holds, and improves your chances of injuring your opponent.

Injuries cause your opponent to lose stamina each turn, and if you manage to injure your oppnent five times during a match you will automatically win.


Ruthless Grasp

Another skill specific to submissionists. This one increases your Submission Bonus (SB). When you execute a submission move it will hit your opponent with initial damage followed by potentially two 'holds'.
These holds deal submission damage with a chance of injuring your opponent and the damage is increased by SDI (Remember Power Grappling?).
SB increases your chance of getting a double hold with your submissions preventing your opponent from escaping – therefore indirectly increases your submissions' damage.


Escape Artist

Increases your Escape Submission (ES) which improves your chances of escaping your opponent's submission holds – Submission Escape/Escape Artist directly counters Ruthless Grasp.
This is your ticket out of deadly submission holds, so abuse it.

Escape artist will only help you escape submission maneuvers, and won't help you kick out of pinning maneuvers.



Increases your chance of interrupting your opponent's attack sequence. Feint is the opposite of Berserker, in that it increases your chances of interrupting the attack sequence even when your block/dodge doesn't trigger.
Feint as well as berserker are useless, unless they are paired with good amounts of Pacification for feint (Check resistance skills), and frenzied urge for Berserker.

This is one of the few skills you can't boost through Advanced Techniques.



Increases your wrestler's SDI and SB, making this one of the most important skills for a submission user. Also Mastery is required to unlock a lot of powerful moves that are specific to the Technique class.