Speed Class

gets 50% reduced training time in the Speed statistic, receives extra skill points upon a speed statistic level up and an extra skill stat called: Quickness

Speed wrestlers are very good at dodging the opponent's attacks and counter with their own moves. They also have good stamina to last long in the fight.

Speed skills are as follows:


Improved Reflexes

Increases your Dodge, which is a defensive skill. Dodge improves your chances of avoiding your opponent's attacks, and enables you to start your own attack sequence.
Dodge (or block) is very important for you to preserve your healthy state, and survive the match if you're not tanky (don't have a lot of health points, and stamina).


Head Start

Increases your Initiatve (Ini). Initiative is what decides if you will react quickly and attack first, and it is mainly used in four situations (initiative checks):

#when someone escapes a submission hold
#when an attack sequence ends uninterrupted
#when someone tries to use a taunt
#in the start of matches to decide who gains the upper hand.

If you roll more initiative than your opponent, you will be the first one to attack in these situations.



Executing moves, dodging, or keeping submission holds drains your stamina slowly. Lightness (Stamina Reducer) reduces the amount of Stamina you lose when executing moves
and when you get hit.

This is one of the few skills you can't boost through Advanced Techniques.



Increases your Pinning Bonus. Pin Bonus increases your wrestler's chance to successfully pin your opponent and end the match ealier than it is supposed to.
Pin Bonus builds are mainly built around a high damage pin finisher, or pinning trademark that would keep the opponent down after hitting.


Frenzied Urge

We have talked about this one previously (See Berserker) and this one is the second half of the attacks allowed column on your profile page.

Frenzied Urge increases your amount of allowed attacks in your attack sequences. Every 5 points of this skill increases the amount of your allowed attacks by one, which means that only every 5 points are useful!
Think of this skill as ball possession in football. The more attacks allowed you have the higher your chances are to have more attacks during a match than your opponent does. But this is only true if you can keep hitting without getting dodged.
This is one of the few skills you can’t boost through Advanced Techniques (see Advanced Techniques Guide).
Example: Level 20 Furge increases your allowed attacks amount by 4. Level 24 Furge also increases your allowed attacks amount by 4.


Increases both Initiative and Pin Bonus for the price of one skill, making this the most important skill in your arsenal if you're a speedster.

Quickness is required to unlock a lot of powerful moves that are specific to the Speed class.