Resistance Class

gets 50% reduced training time in the Resistance statistic, receives extra skill points upon a Resistance statistic level up and an extra skill stat called: Endurance

Resist wrestlers are very good tanks. While the other classes use avoidance skills to avoid opponent's attacks, Resistance have really high damage mitigation so they don't suffer very much when
they get hit.



Tireless is your wrestler's stamina, and the more stamina you have the better your performance will be.
Every action during a match requires a stamina cost, and when you lose all your stamina, you won't be able to complete your actions successfully, and your health points will drop faster.

Think of Stamina as the fuel of other skills. The more stamina you lose, the less efficient your other skills will be, so make sure to have enough stamina to get through the match.

Tireless increases your wrestler's base stamina by 2% for every level. The percentage bonus will only affect your base Stamina, and not stamina obtained from advanced techniques or Special abilities.

Tip: If you see a sudden shift of performance and you suddenly become weaker after hitting a strong move, or dropping colors too fast while you're the one attacking
then that's an indication of lack of stamina.



Increases your Damage Resistance (DR). Toughness (DR) reduces the damage you take from all sources and is capped at 80%, meaning no matter how much damage reduction you have, the minimum damage you can take from an attack is 20%.
Having 100% damage reduction however doesn't mean you will always take the minimum damage, because you have to factor in your opponent damage increasers. Damage reduction will get deducted from the damage increaser of your opponent,
so if your opponent has more direct/submission damage increaser than your damage reduction, then your damage reduction will be nulled, and you'll take the full if not more damage from his move.

=== Thick Skin ===

Increases your Health Points (HP). HP is the amount of damage you can take before you are completely whipped out.
Your wrestler name color in match reports indicate your current health, and it goes from green to red, with red being the lowest.

Health points work as a shield for your stamina, and once it is all gone, your stamina will be exposed making you an easy target.
once stamina reaches 0 It is game over for you, so load on health points to protect your wrestler.



Increases your Pin Opposition. This skill increases your chances to kick out of pinning manuevres more effectively.
If you are struggling to kick out of a pinning maneuver while you still have some health to fight, then this is what you need to keep fighting til you have nothing left.

Willpower will only help you kick out of pinning maneuvers, and won't help you escape submission maneuvers.



Increases your amount of Attacks Denied. Attacks Denied reduces the amount of your opponent's Allowed Attacks, making Pacification a direct counter to Frenzied urge.
However, no matter how much Pacification you have, your opponent’s amount of allowed attacks can't be pushed further down than three Allowed Attacks.

This is one of the few skills you can't boost through Advanced Techniques.


Increases both Damage reducer (Toughness) and Health points (Thick Skin). This skill is essensial for tanks as it increases two very important defensive skills.
Also Endurance is required to unlock a lot of powerful moves that are specific to the Resistance class.