Balanced Class

is a mix of all the other classes. Balanced wrestlers get 12.5% reduced training time in all statistics, a few extra stat points in every statistic and a class skill called: Versatility.

Balanced wrestlers are often weaker early in the game, but they become one of the most lethal classes later on. They have a wide variety of moves and are more free to mix with the skill points
to get the moves or bonuses they want.



Balanced has no specific statistic, but balanced wrestlers learn all statistics equally 12.5% faster than the normal skills making them versatile to learn any set of skills you want them to.
Balanced class is a little advanced compared to the rest and is not recommended to beginners, but if you have patience, and the will to learn, you can make a beast out of this class and outperform every other wrestler in your level.
Balanced class skill is versatility, which is arguably the best class skill in the game, as it combines all other class skills in one. But, versatility also needs points on all four classes before you can upgrade it.

Example: To upgrade versatility from level 9 to level 10, you need 10 points on each of your skills (Strength, speed, technique, and resistance).

Versatility grants all the bonuses from Fury, Quickness, Mastery and Endurance. But leveling up Versatility (Versa) won't unlock the other class specific moves only Balanced class moves.