Strength Class

gets 50% reduced training time in the Strength statistic, receives extra skill points upon a strength statistic level up and an extra skill that is unique to the class : Fury

Strength wrestlers focus on hitting the opponent, and hitting the opponent hard while not being very tanky or good at dodging hits. 

Strength Skills are as follows:


Might (Direct damage increaser)

Might, also known as Direct Damage Increaser (DDI), increases all direct damage that comes from direct damage moves, trademarks and finishers.
Might/DDI will make your wrestler hit harder, which makes it easier for you to bring your opponent's health down.
This skill is used to counter the opponent's Damage Resistance, and drain your opponent health points.


This skill increases your Adrenaline Gain (AG). Adrenaline gain is a key factor when it comes to creating your finisher and decides how much adreanline your wrestler will gain during every turn.
If you don't know it yet, You cumulate adrenaline gain every turn, and it is like this:

Every attack = your total adrenaline gain
Each time you get attacked = 50% of your adrenaline gain.

Let's explain how it works with some math:

Say you have 20 Adrenaline gain, your match is currently at the turn 20, and you have had 8 attacks so far, and got hit 12 times. Your adrenaline at this point will be:

(20 adrenaline gain x 8 turns x 1(the attacking factor)) + (20 adrenaline gain x 12 turns x 0.5 (50% factor for being hit)) = 380 Adrenaline.

So At turn 20, you will be able to hit a finisher that has a 360 adrenaline cost or less.

Matches usually have 80 turns, so you have to know how much adrenaline gain you make per turn, assess when you will be able to gain enough adrenaline, and base your finisher's cost on it.

Adrenaline is solely responsible for finishers, and has no other hidden role. If you want to learn how to use it efficiently, you can read more about finishers on it's <a href="#">dedicated section.</a>


Unstoppable Blow

Increases your Attack Bonus (AB). Attack bonus is the main factor in hitting or missing moves. To hit your move you have to have more attack bonus than your opponent dodge or block.

Your attack bonus comes from two sources:

#Your skills (Skill points, Advanced techniques .. etc): This is the main source for all the game skills

#Move attack bonus: Each move has a different attack bonus that adds up to your skills to help you hit that particular move.

Your moves + Skills attack bonuses add up to form a total attack bonus that is put against your opponent's dodge or block then to determine whether you hit or miss your move.

Stiff Blow

Increases your Bleeding Bonus (BB). BB gives your bleeding moves (marked by a 'Wounding: X') a higher chance to cut your opponent.
Cuts drain your opponent's health and if you manage to cut your opponent 5 times in a match, it will result in a knockout giving you the victory automatically.


Increases your chance to complete your attack sequence. This is one of the few skills you can't boost through Advanced Techniques (see Advanced Techniques Guide).

Attack sequences are the total successive attacks you can make without being dodged/blocked.
You can increase your attack sequence length by improving frenzied urge (Check its section) while Berserker increases your chances of completing the attack sequence.
Berserker increases your chances by 2% per point, and at 100% you'll be able to fully hit your attack sequence.


Increases both DDI and AB, making this a very useful skill. Also Fury is required to unlock a lot of powerful moves that are specific to the Strength class.
make sure to always max out your class skill as its cost/reward ratio is the highest.