Rules of Conduct

No Multi-Accounting:

You are allowed to play one free wrestler on each server. Do not create a second wreslter on the same server unless you have supporter on your main wrestler. Having more than one free wrestler per server might expose your whole account to deletion when an IP control occurs. In addition, getting caught using another wrestler (or more) to boost your main character in any way to gain an unfair advantage will result in immediate deletion of all your characters.

No Account sharing:

Do not ask for or hand out your login information under any circumstances. Staff members will never ask you for your wrestler informations under any circumstances, and if you give your account details to anyone <strong>we will not be responsible for your loss, nor held responsible to recover it, and it is solely your fault.</strong>
Besides, Any account that has a suspicious activity, that hints towards account sharing between two or more users will get heavily penalized, or deleted all together.

No Selling or Trading accounts:

Offering to buy or sell your account is against the game's terms of service, and will be dealt with accordingly. Also, anyone Helping or contributing in such activities, by any mean, will be considered an accomplice, and will suffer the same fate as account sellers even if his account isn't involved.


Characters which have been inactive for more than 45 days will be subject to deletion without notice, unless the user has supporter or notifies a staff member about his absence.

In-game communication:

It is strictly forbidden to use a vulgar language, or of racialist, discriminating, political or religious contents, through the means of communications in the game, as chat, forum or private messages. Violators will be punished with the reduction of 1 point for each of the four statistics In recidivism cases the character will be deleted.

In-game personalizations abuse:

Every user is absolutely free to choose their finishers/Trademarks/entrances names and descriptions .. etc. However, If the modified content is of racist, political, religious or discriminating nature, or have vulgar or sexual content, rule breakers will have their finishers/trademarks/Biographies (or any other game features that allow custom imagery or text) deleted. In extreme cases, violators may even see their wrestlers deleted.

Bug exploits:

In TWG, game development and updates are a never-ending quest, and for that reason, bugs are inevitable. If you stumble upon a bug, the moral thing to do is to report it to the game staff so it will be taken care of. Using a bug to your advantage and keeping reticent about it will result in your deletion from the game.


Any abuse of the game in any way will be punished in vertue of the severity of the infraction. This includes attempts to bypass any of the games features to gain access to extra illegal benifits, taking advantage of bugs which should be immediately reported to fixes, or any other suspecious activities that may be deemed illicit, Please use common sense for the latters.