Getting started

Congratulations on finding your way into the action-packed, competitive world of the wrestling game. This section will provide you with basic informations on how to play the game.
You will also find here a FAQ section, and game rules.


What is the wrestling Game

The wrestling game is a <strong>text based</strong> MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) themed around the world of pro wrestling. Enter a world of complexity and depth you have never experienced before, in a fighting/wrestling game that has more than 500 unique wrestling moves, over 20 skills to learn and improve, and a variety of competitions, match types, and areas to discover. Dive right into action with your wrestler, train your skills, learn new moves, and take on the champions in different competitions such as title matches, tournaments and leagues.

However, the wrestling game will take more than just pushing buttons randomly to dominate your opponents, instead you have to make the best use of your skills and resources to reign over your level, monopolize the level title, and dominate all the contests.

Game knowledge is as important as having internet in order to play and succeed in TWG. Reading the content submitted here will clear a lot of mystery around the game, and set you up to become one
of the top players of the game ... As the saying goes: "Knowledge is power".

Good luck!

 General game information

Before we start with game knowledge, we'd like you to have a pleasant time in the wrestling game, and keep you safe from ever getting into trouble. For that reason, we have made a set of rules
to keep the game a friendly place for everyone. It's important to us that users enjoy their time in the wrestling game without being harassed, abused, insulted or even provoked. All the respectful, high status members (including staff members) know and abide by these rules, and you should too:

Rules of conduct 

Chat Rules


Goal of the game

As a new comer with no skills, nor popularity, you will start your career in the world of pro wrestling to make a name for yourself. With a minimal fan base, and no experience, you will start your training to hone your skills, learn new maneuvers to outperform your opponents, and jump into the ring to show everyone what you're made of. As you progress you will unlock more competitions, training options, storylines, and events.

Play through different unique storylines just for pleasure, attack other wrestlers in casual or title fights, or sign up to tournaments and leagues and try to win them all. As your popularity starts to grow, you will start receiving contracts from federations who want to hire you for their shows. Sign a contract to join a federation and start competing professionally in shows that are broadcasted to the whole game, or start your own company and try to forge the ultimate pro wrestling federation.

Make the best out of a career that lasts for almost two years and try to get inducted into the game's hall of fame as an immortal TWG legend that everyone will remember!!


How to play

Text-based games do not have huge system requirements, or even system requirements, all you need is a machine (PC/Tablet/Phone ... toaster?) that supports a web browser, and you're set. What the wrestling game lacks in graphics and animations covers for with depth and content abundance. Text-based games are generally managerial in nature, so don't plug-in your controller and expect to mash buttons to win, because it's all intellectual, and strategy based.

If you are not familiar with the wrestling game, or text-based games in general, this guide will give you a good idea of how to play the game, and help you grasp the concept.

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