Chat Rules



The official written language of TWG is English. Therefore all posts in Chat should be made in English. If you have poor English skills, it is recommended that you use a translator (such as Google Babelfish) to get your point across. This is for ease of communication, since the official language of TWG is English.


Any words that are considered swear words in the English language will not be tolerated. What is swearing? Anything that would not be allowed on a PG-13 rated Television show in the US is considered swearing. Swearing in other languages already violates Rule 1.1: Written Language of The Wrestling Game (TWG).

Masked Swearing:

Attempting to bypass the internal filter, or using acronyms that would contain swear words when written out is also considered swearing, and will be enforced in the same fashion.

All caps messages:

Keep in mind that, while it is ok to emphasize a word or two by writing them in uppercase, keeping the caps lock on all of your posts is frowned upon, and moderators might warn you for overusing it.

Flaming others and instigation

Flaming other users:

Intentionally insulting other members of chat for any reason whatsoever is prohibited, even if they insulted you first. If you are role playing, please keep it family friendly and directed at the wrestler itself. No personal attacks to the player of the wrestler.


Trying to bait other users into breaking the chat rules in any form is instigation, be it trying to cause someone to flame you or post a link or any other rules violations. Please refrain from this behavior, and PM a moderator if you notice this going on.

Flaming and Instigating Staff Members:

The staff volunteer their time to help make TWG run smoothly as a whole. Therefore it is counterproductive to the flow of the entire chat to insult them or try to cause them to break any rules. This offense can result in an instant ban at the moderator's discretion.

Spam and flood:

Any post made that is considered pointless is spam. Posting match results will also be considered Spam. Posting too many links to match results can also result in spam, at the Moderator's discretion.
Posting excessive amounts of letters/symbols in an otherwise legitimate post or posting consecutive short posts that could be made into one post is also considered spam. If the letter/symbol use is excessive moderators have the right to call it off.

Inappropriate material, Links, Interrupting staff actions .. and more

Inappropriate Material:

There are subjects that should simply NOT be discussed in TWG Chat. Sexual, religious, political, and illegal drug use topics are subjects that should not be broached. These are not the only inappropriate categories, though and a moderator may deem that any subject that has the potential to turn chat hostile is inappropriate (See rule 2.2: Instigation). Any subject that may make others feel uncomfortable could also be considered inappropriate. Discussion of illegal activities or other online games is always inappropriate.


Recruiting links, promotional content (links posted with the sole intention of getting players to join a site or group or any other call to action pages) or any links to other online games will result in an instant ban; pornography links will earn you a permanent ban from chat.
Links to illegal material: It is strictly prohibited to supply or ask for in any way links or instructions to obtain illegal material, including but not limited to Torrents, ROMs, Warez, and streams of Pay Per View Events. Doing so will result in an instant ban, second offenses will be considered for permanent ban.

Discussing chat records:

There will be no discussion of bans, banned members, or personal chat records in chat. Nothing good comes from bringing up ban records, as it just causes tension and controversy in chat. If you have a question about your chat record, PM a moderator, and they will relate the information on your record to you. Under no circumstances will a moderator discuss another member's chat record with you at all, so please don't ask.

Non-Moderator Moderating:

We get it. You're a normal user. But inside there's a purple version of you dying to get out and unleash the fury on the lawless rule breakers. Except, that's also against the rules. If you haven't been appointed by the Head Moderator, then all you're doing is instigating other members by correcting them. Please PM a mod if you see someone violating the rules. This includes telling moderators how to do their jobs. They were given ample training when they were appointed.

Arguing with a Moderator:

If a moderator makes a call you don't agree with, please do not argue with them in chat, rather PM the moderator and politely request an explanation of their decision, and explain your side of the story with tact. In some cases you may even succeed in changing the moderator's mind about your warning, if you approach them correctly.
Remember that moderators are there to keep order in chat, and we get no benefits from banning players, so please respect the moderators calls.
On the other hand, if a moderator is abusing his powers to mistreat players, you can take a screenshot and forward it to an admin, who will deal with it accordingly.

Ban Evasion:

If you happen to be banned for any reason, and you use a second account, or create a second account to log into chat during your ban, the second account will be banned. This includes legal multiple supporter accounts owned by the same person. If you persist once more, all accounts will be permanently banned. You were removed from chat because you caused a problem, and we will not tolerate the moderators being undermined. If you have a question about your ban, see rule: 4.5: Arguing with a Moderator, or Rule 4.3: Discussing Chat Records

Begging for In-Game benefits:

It is not permitted to beg, ask or indirectly hint that you want another member to purchase Tournament Points or Supporter Status for you or another wrestler in chat. If you feel the need to ask for these gifts, please use private messages.


Moderators exist to keep chat enjoyable for everyone. Moderators are not trying to ban anyone, but rather keep as many people in chat as possible. They should not give out warnings for petty offenses; they should exercise restraint and caution, with warnings and bans only coming as a last resort to those who do not want to follow the rules. If a user receives 3 warnings, they will be banned for a duration based on their chat infractions history, and the moderator's judgement. If ever you feel that you've been treated unfairly by a moderator, or you think a moderator is abusing their power please do not hesitate to contact a supervisor via PM in-game with a screenshot of the incident, and as much detail as you can remember. Please don't exaggerate or use hyperbole in your explanation, but rather offer a fair account of the events.

There are exceptions that can be made to chat rules. Such exceptions are temporary and are only to be implemented by a Supervisor, an administrator, or higher.