Game Basics & Rules


Getting started

Congratulations on finding your way into the action-packed, competitive world of the wrestling game. This section will provide you with basic informations on how to play the game.
You will also find here a FAQ section, and game rules.


What is the wrestling Game

The wrestling game is a <strong>text based</strong> MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) themed around the world of pro wrestling. Enter a world of complexity and depth you have never experienced before, in a fighting/wrestling game that has more than 500 unique wrestling moves, over 20 skills to learn and improve, and a variety of competitions, match types, and areas to discover. Dive right into action with your wrestler, train your skills, learn new moves, and take on the champions in different competitions such as title matches, tournaments and leagues.

However, the wrestling game will take more than just pushing buttons randomly to dominate your opponents, instead you have to make the best use of your skills and resources to reign over your level, monopolize the level title, and dominate all the contests.

Game knowledge is as important as having internet in order to play and succeed in TWG. Reading the content submitted here will clear a lot of mystery around the game, and set you up to become one
of the top players of the game ... As the saying goes: "Knowledge is power".

Good luck!

 General game information

Before we start with game knowledge, we'd like you to have a pleasant time in the wrestling game, and keep you safe from ever getting into trouble. For that reason, we have made a set of rules
to keep the game a friendly place for everyone. It's important to us that users enjoy their time in the wrestling game without being harassed, abused, insulted or even provoked. All the respectful, high status members (including staff members) know and abide by these rules, and you should too:

Rules of conduct 

Chat Rules


Goal of the game

As a new comer with no skills, nor popularity, you will start your career in the world of pro wrestling to make a name for yourself. With a minimal fan base, and no experience, you will start your training to hone your skills, learn new maneuvers to outperform your opponents, and jump into the ring to show everyone what you're made of. As you progress you will unlock more competitions, training options, storylines, and events.

Play through different unique storylines just for pleasure, attack other wrestlers in casual or title fights, or sign up to tournaments and leagues and try to win them all. As your popularity starts to grow, you will start receiving contracts from federations who want to hire you for their shows. Sign a contract to join a federation and start competing professionally in shows that are broadcasted to the whole game, or start your own company and try to forge the ultimate pro wrestling federation.

Make the best out of a career that lasts for almost two years and try to get inducted into the game's hall of fame as an immortal TWG legend that everyone will remember!!


How to play

Text-based games do not have huge system requirements, or even system requirements, all you need is a machine (PC/Tablet/Phone ... toaster?) that supports a web browser, and you're set. What the wrestling game lacks in graphics and animations covers for with depth and content abundance. Text-based games are generally managerial in nature, so don't plug-in your controller and expect to mash buttons to win, because it's all intellectual, and strategy based.

If you are not familiar with the wrestling game, or text-based games in general, this guide will give you a good idea of how to play the game, and help you grasp the concept.

* [[Game navigation]]
* [[faq]]
* [[Game Skills]]
* [[Federations]]

Rules of Conduct

No Multi-Accounting:

You are allowed to play one free wrestler on each server. Do not create a second wreslter on the same server unless you have supporter on your main wrestler. Having more than one free wrestler per server might expose your whole account to deletion when an IP control occurs. In addition, getting caught using another wrestler (or more) to boost your main character in any way to gain an unfair advantage will result in immediate deletion of all your characters.

No Account sharing:

Do not ask for or hand out your login information under any circumstances. Staff members will never ask you for your wrestler informations under any circumstances, and if you give your account details to anyone <strong>we will not be responsible for your loss, nor held responsible to recover it, and it is solely your fault.</strong>
Besides, Any account that has a suspicious activity, that hints towards account sharing between two or more users will get heavily penalized, or deleted all together.

No Selling or Trading accounts:

Offering to buy or sell your account is against the game's terms of service, and will be dealt with accordingly. Also, anyone Helping or contributing in such activities, by any mean, will be considered an accomplice, and will suffer the same fate as account sellers even if his account isn't involved.


Characters which have been inactive for more than 45 days will be subject to deletion without notice, unless the user has supporter or notifies a staff member about his absence.

In-game communication:

It is strictly forbidden to use a vulgar language, or of racialist, discriminating, political or religious contents, through the means of communications in the game, as chat, forum or private messages. Violators will be punished with the reduction of 1 point for each of the four statistics In recidivism cases the character will be deleted.

In-game personalizations abuse:

Every user is absolutely free to choose their finishers/Trademarks/entrances names and descriptions .. etc. However, If the modified content is of racist, political, religious or discriminating nature, or have vulgar or sexual content, rule breakers will have their finishers/trademarks (or any other features that been affected) deleted. In extreme cases, violators may even see their wrestlers deleted.

Bug exploits:

In TWG, game development and updates are a never-ending quest, and for that reason, bugs are inevitable. If you stumble upon a bug, the moral thing to do is to report it to the game staff so it will be taken care of. Using a bug to your advantage and keeping reticent about it will result in your deletion from the game.


Any abuse of the game in any way will be punished in vertue of the severity of the infraction. This includes attempts to bypass any of the games features to gain access to extra illegal benifits, taking advantage of bugs which should be immediately reported to fixes, or any other suspecious activities that may be deemed illicit, Please use common sense for the latters.



The game contains 5 different classes which have different skills and move sets. Each class has its own advantages. Here is a quick run down of each class and what it is about


Strength Class

gets 50% reduced training time in the Strength statistic, receives extra skill points upon a strength statistic level up and an extra skill that is unique to the class : Fury

Strength wrestlers focus on hitting the opponent, and hitting the opponent hard while not being very tanky or good at dodging hits. 

Strength Skills are as follows:


Might (Direct damage increaser)

Might, also known as Direct Damage Increaser (DDI), increases all direct damage that comes from direct damage moves, trademarks and finishers.
Might/DDI will make your wrestler hit harder, which makes it easier for you to bring your opponent's health down.
This skill is used to counter the opponent's Damage Resistance, and drain your opponent health points.


This skill increases your Adrenaline Gain (AG). Adrenaline gain is a key factor when it comes to creating your finisher and decides how much adreanline your wrestler will gain during every turn.
If you don't know it yet, You cumulate adrenaline gain every turn, and it is like this:

Every attack = your total adrenaline gain
Each time you get attacked = 50% of your adrenaline gain.

Let's explain how it works with some math:

Say you have 20 Adrenaline gain, your match is currently at the turn 20, and you have had 8 attacks so far, and got hit 12 times. Your adrenaline at this point will be:

(20 adrenaline gain x 8 turns x 1(the attacking factor)) + (20 adrenaline gain x 12 turns x 0.5 (50% factor for being hit)) = 380 Adrenaline.

So At turn 20, you will be able to hit a finisher that has a 360 adrenaline cost or less.

Matches usually have 80 turns, so you have to know how much adrenaline gain you make per turn, assess when you will be able to gain enough adrenaline, and base your finisher's cost on it.

Adrenaline is solely responsible for finishers, and has no other hidden role. If you want to learn how to use it efficiently, you can read more about finishers on it's <a href="#">dedicated section.</a>


Unstoppable Blow

Increases your Attack Bonus (AB). Attack bonus is the main factor in hitting or missing moves. To hit your move you have to have more attack bonus than your opponent dodge or block.

Your attack bonus comes from two sources:

#Your skills (Skill points, Advanced techniques .. etc): This is the main source for all the game skills

#Move attack bonus: Each move has a different attack bonus that adds up to your skills to help you hit that particular move.

Your moves + Skills attack bonuses add up to form a total attack bonus that is put against your opponent's dodge or block then to determine whether you hit or miss your move.

Stiff Blow

Increases your Bleeding Bonus (BB). BB gives your bleeding moves (marked by a 'Wounding: X') a higher chance to cut your opponent.
Cuts drain your opponent's health and if you manage to cut your opponent 5 times in a match, it will result in a knockout giving you the victory automatically.


Increases your chance to complete your attack sequence. This is one of the few skills you can't boost through Advanced Techniques (see Advanced Techniques Guide).

Attack sequences are the total successive attacks you can make without being dodged/blocked.
You can increase your attack sequence length by improving frenzied urge (Check its section) while Berserker increases your chances of completing the attack sequence.
Berserker increases your chances by 2% per point, and at 100% you'll be able to fully hit your attack sequence.


Increases both DDI and AB, making this a very useful skill. Also Fury is required to unlock a lot of powerful moves that are specific to the Strength class.
make sure to always max out your class skill as its cost/reward ratio is the highest.


Speed Class

gets 50% reduced training time in the Speed statistic, receives extra skill points upon a speed statistic level up and an extra skill stat called: Quickness

Speed wrestlers are very good at dodging the opponent's attacks and counter with their own moves. They also have good stamina to last long in the fight.

Speed skills are as follows:


Improved Reflexes

Increases your Dodge, which is a defensive skill. Dodge improves your chances of avoiding your opponent's attacks, and enables you to start your own attack sequence.
Dodge (or block) is very important for you to preserve your healthy state, and survive the match if you're not tanky (don't have a lot of health points, and stamina).


Head Start

Increases your Initiatve (Ini). Initiative is what decides if you will react quickly and attack first, and it is mainly used in four situations (initiative checks):

#when someone escapes a submission hold
#when an attack sequence ends uninterrupted
#when someone tries to use a taunt
#in the start of matches to decide who gains the upper hand.

If you roll more initiative than your opponent, you will be the first one to attack in these situations.



Executing moves, dodging, or keeping submission holds drains your stamina slowly. Lightness (Stamina Reducer) reduces the amount of Stamina you lose when executing moves
and when you get hit.

This is one of the few skills you can't boost through Advanced Techniques.



Increases your Pinning Bonus. Pin Bonus increases your wrestler's chance to successfully pin your opponent and end the match ealier than it is supposed to.
Pin Bonus builds are mainly built around a high damage pin finisher, or pinning trademark that would keep the opponent down after hitting.


Frenzied Urge

We have talked about this one previously (See Berserker) and this one is the second half of the attacks allowed column on your profile page.

Frenzied Urge increases your amount of allowed attacks in your attack sequences. Every 5 points of this skill increases the amount of your allowed attacks by one, which means that only every 5 points are useful!
Think of this skill as ball possession in football. The more attacks allowed you have the higher your chances are to have more attacks during a match than your opponent does. But this is only true if you can keep hitting without getting dodged.
This is one of the few skills you can’t boost through Advanced Techniques (see Advanced Techniques Guide).
Example: Level 20 Furge increases your allowed attacks amount by 4. Level 24 Furge also increases your allowed attacks amount by 4.


Increases both Initiative and Pin Bonus for the price of one skill, making this the most important skill in your arsenal if you're a speedster.

Quickness is required to unlock a lot of powerful moves that are specific to the Speed class.



Technique Class

gets 50% reduced training time in the Technique statistic, receives extra skill points upon a Technique statistic level up and an extra skill stat called: Mastery

Technique wrestlers focus on causing damage and injury through the use of submissions and has a strong avoidance base.

Technique skills are as follows:



Block is another defensive skill that allows you to nullify your opponent's attack, but the difference between this and dodge, is that block doesn't give you back the initiative.
Block however is easier to use and with the sufficient amount, you can block every attack in your opponent's attack sequence.

If you prefer you can combine both dodge and block so that you can block to avoid getting hit until your dodge kick in allowing you to attack back.


Power Grappling

We are now entering the mighty realm of submissions. Power grappling is specific to submission builds, so unless you have submission maneuvers in your moves arsenal, this skill will be useless to you.
Power grappling is your Submission Damage Increaser (SDI). It increases the damage of your submission holds, and improves your chances of injuring your opponent.

Injuries cause your opponent to lose stamina each turn, and if you manage to injure your oppnent five times during a match you will automatically win.


Ruthless Grasp

Another skill specific to submissionists. This one increases your Submission Bonus (SB). When you execute a submission move it will hit your opponent with initial damage followed by potentially two 'holds'.
These holds deal submission damage with a chance of injuring your opponent and the damage is increased by SDI (Remember Power Grappling?).
SB increases your chance of getting a double hold with your submissions preventing your opponent from escaping – therefore indirectly increases your submissions' damage.


Escape Artist

Increases your Escape Submission (ES) which improves your chances of escaping your opponent's submission holds – Submission Escape/Escape Artist directly counters Ruthless Grasp.
This is your ticket out of deadly submission holds, so abuse it.

Escape artist will only help you escape submission maneuvers, and won't help you kick out of pinning maneuvers.



Increases your chance of interrupting your opponent's attack sequence. Feint is the opposite of Berserker, in that it increases your chances of interrupting the attack sequence even when your block/dodge doesn't trigger.
Feint as well as berserker are useless, unless they are paired with good amounts of Pacification for feint (Check resistance skills), and frenzied urge for Berserker.

This is one of the few skills you can't boost through Advanced Techniques.



Increases your wrestler's SDI and SB, making this one of the most important skills for a submission user. Also Mastery is required to unlock a lot of powerful moves that are specific to the Technique class.


Resistance Class

gets 50% reduced training time in the Resistance statistic, receives extra skill points upon a Resistance statistic level up and an extra skill stat called: Endurance

Resist wrestlers are very good tanks. While the other classes use avoidance skills to avoid opponent's attacks, Resistance have really high damage mitigation so they don't suffer very much when
they get hit.



Tireless is your wrestler's stamina, and the more stamina you have the better your performance will be.
Every action during a match requires a stamina cost, and when you lose all your stamina, you won't be able to complete your actions successfully, and your health points will drop faster.

Think of Stamina as the fuel of other skills. The more stamina you lose, the less efficient your other skills will be, so make sure to have enough stamina to get through the match.

Tireless increases your wrestler's base stamina by 2% for every level. The percentage bonus will only affect your base Stamina, and not stamina obtained from advanced techniques or Special abilities.

Tip: If you see a sudden shift of performance and you suddenly become weaker after hitting a strong move, or dropping colors too fast while you're the one attacking
then that's an indication of lack of stamina.



Increases your Damage Resistance (DR). Toughness (DR) reduces the damage you take from all sources and is capped at 80%, meaning no matter how much damage reduction you have, the minimum damage you can take from an attack is 20%.
Having 100% damage reduction however doesn't mean you will always take the minimum damage, because you have to factor in your opponent damage increasers. Damage reduction will get deducted from the damage increaser of your opponent,
so if your opponent has more direct/submission damage increaser than your damage reduction, then your damage reduction will be nulled, and you'll take the full if not more damage from his move.

=== Thick Skin ===

Increases your Health Points (HP). HP is the amount of damage you can take before you are completely whipped out.
Your wrestler name color in match reports indicate your current health, and it goes from green to red, with red being the lowest.

Health points work as a shield for your stamina, and once it is all gone, your stamina will be exposed making you an easy target.
once stamina reaches 0 It is game over for you, so load on health points to protect your wrestler.



Increases your Pin Opposition. This skill increases your chances to kick out of pinning manuevres more effectively.
If you are struggling to kick out of a pinning maneuver while you still have some health to fight, then this is what you need to keep fighting til you have nothing left.

Willpower will only help you kick out of pinning maneuvers, and won't help you escape submission maneuvers.



Increases your amount of Attacks Denied. Attacks Denied reduces the amount of your opponent's Allowed Attacks, making Pacification a direct counter to Frenzied urge.
However, no matter how much Pacification you have, your opponent’s amount of allowed attacks can't be pushed further down than three Allowed Attacks.

This is one of the few skills you can't boost through Advanced Techniques.


Increases both Damage reducer (Toughness) and Health points (Thick Skin). This skill is essensial for tanks as it increases two very important defensive skills.
Also Endurance is required to unlock a lot of powerful moves that are specific to the Resistance class.


Balanced Class

is a mix of all the other classes. Balanced wrestlers get 12.5% reduced training time in all statistics, a few extra stat points in every statistic and a class skill called: Versatility.

Balanced wrestlers are often weaker early in the game, but they become one of the most lethal classes later on. They have a wide variety of moves and are more free to mix with the skill points
to get the moves or bonuses they want.



Balanced has no specific statistic, but balanced wrestlers learn all statistics equally 12.5% faster than the normal skills making them versatile to learn any set of skills you want them to.
Balanced class is a little advanced compared to the rest and is not recommended to beginners, but if you have patience, and the will to learn, you can make a beast out of this class and outperform every other wrestler in your level.
Balanced class skill is versatility, which is arguably the best class skill in the game, as it combines all other class skills in one. But, versatility also needs points on all four classes before you can upgrade it.

Example: To upgrade versatility from level 9 to level 10, you need 10 points on each of your skills (Strength, speed, technique, and resistance).

Versatility grants all the bonuses from Fury, Quickness, Mastery and Endurance. But leveling up Versatility (Versa) won't unlock the other class specific moves only Balanced class moves.

Chat Rules



The official written language of TWG is English. Therefore all posts in Chat should be made in English. If you have poor English skills, it is recommended that you use a translator (such as Google Babelfish) to get your point across. This is for ease of communication, since the official language of TWG is English.


Any words that are considered swear words in the English language will not be tolerated. What is swearing? Anything that would not be allowed on a TV14 rated Television show in the US is considered swearing. Swearing in other languages already violates Rule 1.1: Written Language of The Wrestling Game (TWG).

Masked Swearing:

Attempting to bypass the internal filter, or using acronyms that would contain swear words when written out is also considered swearing, and will be enforced in the same fashion.

All caps messages:

Keep in mind that, while it is ok to emphasize a word or two by writing them in uppercase, keeping the caps lock on all of your posts is frowned upon, and moderators might warn you for overusing it.

Flaming others and instigation

Flaming other users:

Intentionally insulting other members of chat for any reason whatsoever is prohibited, even if they insulted you first. If you are role playing, please keep it family friendly and directed at the wrestler itself. No personal attacks to the player of the wrestler.


Trying to bait other users into breaking the chat rules in any form is instigation, be it trying to cause someone to flame you or post a link or any other rules violations. Please refrain from this behavior, and PM a moderator if you notice this going on.

Flaming and Instigating Staff Members:

The staff volunteer their time to help make TWG run smoothly as a whole. Therefore it is counterproductive to the flow of the entire chat to insult them or try to cause them to break any rules. This offense can result in an instant ban at the moderator's discretion.

Spam and flood:

Any post made that is considered pointless is spam. Posting match results will also be considered Spam. Posting too many links to match results can also result in spam, at the Moderator's discretion.
Posting excessive amounts of letters/symbols in an otherwise legitimate post or posting consecutive short posts that could be made into one post is also considered spam. If the letter/symbol use is excessive moderators have the right to call it off.

Inappropriate material, Links, Interrupting staff actions .. and more

Inappropriate Material:

There are subjects that should simply NOT be discussed in TWG Chat. Sexual, religious, political, and illegal drug use topics are subjects that should not be broached. These are not the only inappropriate categories, though and a moderator may deem that any subject that has the potential to turn chat hostile is inappropriate (See rule 2.2: Instigation). Any subject that may make others feel uncomfortable could also be considered inappropriate. Discussion of illegal activities or other online games is always inappropriate.


Recruiting links, promotional content (links posted with the sole intention of getting players to join a site or group or any other call to action pages) or any links to other online games will result in an instant ban; pornography links will earn you a permanent ban from chat.
Links to illegal material: It is strictly prohibited to supply or ask for in any way links or instructions to obtain illegal material, including but not limited to Torrents, ROMs, Warez, and streams of Pay Per View Events. Doing so will result in an instant ban, second offenses will be considered for permanent ban.

Discussing chat records:

There will be no discussion of bans, banned members, or personal chat records in chat. Nothing good comes from bringing up ban records, as it just causes tension and controversy in chat. If you have a question about your chat record, PM a moderator, and they will relate the information on your record to you. Under no circumstances will a moderator discuss another member's chat record with you at all, so please don't ask.

Non-Moderator Moderating:

We get it. You're a normal user. But inside there's a purple version of you dying to get out and unleash the fury on the lawless rule breakers. Except, that's also against the rules. If you haven't been appointed by the Head Moderator, then all you're doing is instigating other members by correcting them. Please PM a mod if you see someone violating the rules. This includes telling moderators how to do their jobs. They were given ample training when they were appointed.

Arguing with a Moderator:

If a moderator makes a call you don't agree with, please do not argue with them in chat, rather PM the moderator and politely request an explanation of their decision, and explain your side of the story with tact. In some cases you may even succeed in changing the moderator's mind about your warning, if you approach them correctly.
Remember that moderators are there to keep order in chat, and we get no benefits from banning players, so please respect the moderators calls.
On the other hand, if a moderator is abusing his powers to mistreat players, you can take a screenshot and forward it to an admin, who will deal with it accordingly.

Ban Evasion:

If you happen to be banned for any reason, and you use a second account, or create a second account to log into chat during your ban, the second account will be banned. This includes legal multiple supporter accounts owned by the same person. If you persist once more, all accounts will be permanently banned. You were removed from chat because you caused a problem, and we will not tolerate the moderators being undermined. If you have a question about your ban, see rule: 4.5: Arguing with a Moderator, or Rule 4.3: Discussing Chat Records

Begging for In-Game benefits:

It is not permitted to beg, ask or indirectly hint that you want another member to purchase Tournament Points or Supporter Status for you or another wrestler in chat. If you feel the need to ask for these gifts, please use private messages.


Moderators exist to keep chat enjoyable for everyone. Moderators are not trying to ban anyone, but rather keep as many people in chat as possible. They should not give out warnings for petty offenses; they should exercise restraint and caution, with warnings and bans only coming as a last resort to those who do not want to follow the rules. If a user receives 3 warnings, they will be banned for a duration based on their chat infractions history, and the moderator's judgement. If ever you feel that you've been treated unfairly by a moderator, or you think a moderator is abusing their power please do not hesitate to contact a supervisor via PM in-game with a screenshot of the incident, and as much detail as you can remember. Please don't exaggerate or use hyperbole in your explanation, but rather offer a fair account of the events.

There are exceptions that can be made to chat rules. Such exceptions are temporary and are only to be implemented by a Supervisor, an administrator, or higher.



Game Navigation

Learn more about different areas of the game

Game Navigation

Game Navigation

If you have finished the in-game tutorial, you probably are familiar with some of the game areas. This navigation guide will help you figure out the other areas you don't fully grasp.

Top Menu


1. Tournament Points: This is the most valuable game currency. Tournament points (referred to as TPs) allow you to subscribe to tournaments, leagues, buy new match types among a lot of other things.
2. Ranking This is your rank within a particular level. The better your ranking is, the more chances you have at winning competitions on that particlar level.
3. Fantaeuros That is ingame money. Fantaeuros are used to pay for your training, buy entrances, or pay for some other features that require Fantaeuros.
4. Experience Points Are used to boost your wrestler performance. The more experience you earn and spend the stronger you will become. P.S: You can't spend any experience until you unlock Advanced Techniques.
5. Timers Constituted of 2 timers. First your statistics timer, which is the most important one. Always keep your statistics timer going by clicking on it and training more statistics.Second is your moves timer. This one is less important as you don't have to train moves constantly, but just the ones you are going to base your performance on.
6. Energy:  Energy equals matches. The more energy you have, the more matches you can participate to.
7. Forum A quick link to the game forum
8. Settings Access different game settings
9. Help A section that contains game rules, as well as helpful threads on how to play the game. make sure to check it.
10. Search bar A quick shortcut to different game pages.
11. Logout That's your logout button.


Wrestler / Profile

Profile page is where most of your wrestler data is at. We'll first start with your wrestler informations and then go down to the various tabs you have in the page.

Wrestler informations


{| class="wikitable"
|This is your wrestler score. You gain score by winning matches against your opponents. Your score gain will depend on how stronger your opponent is, or to be more accurate how much score he has. If he has a lot more score than you, then your win will yield you +200 points which is the maximum, and cost your opponent -200. Your score is your strength meter, and your ranking is determined based on it.
|This is your overall ranking on the whole server. If your world ranking says '1' then you are top of the food chain, and the supreme ruler of the server, so congratulations! if not, then get to work, there is a long way in front of you to get there!
|the little podium displays your rank within the level you play in, the higher your rank the better your chances are to win competitions and titles. make use of it, because once you become top 10, the master will come after you, and if you beat him, he will make you level up.
|These are your loyal fans. Fans increase as you spend energy(by doing matches) and tournament points, but the biggest to fans is tournaments and league wins, as hard as that can be. However fans only play a role in Federation servers where general managers make use of your fan base to generate ticket sales for their shows.
|Performance is how much use your wrestler makes of his skill points. On Forced-retirement servers, your wrestler will start dropping performance by the age of 54 as a sign of aging, and once that happens you need to retire him. Once retired you start a new career as a Junior version of your wrestler, while if you reached top 50 you will be introduced to the hall of fame to commemorate your outstanding run in the game.
|Tag team: displays your tag teams name that links to your tag team page.
|Stable: Serves the same purpose as the tag team icon, but this time it is for your 4-man team.


=== Statistics ===


This is where you train your statistics. You have four statistics to train as mentioned before (Strength, Speed, technique and Resistance). The image above displays the minified statistics trainer with all the statistics under on tab, but if you're not familiar with what each statistic improves feel free to check the specific tabs for them to learn more about each one.

Statistics are the most important feature early on, and you should always keep your statistics timer running. In addition, you can unlock queue slots permanently (the extra slots with a padlock) for 10 TPs each, so you can queue more statistics to automatically start training when your current one is over.

P.S: Supporters get one free queue slot by default.

<br clear=all>

=== Wrestler data (Skills) ===


This is where you can access, and assess all of your skills (or what's called your build) easily). You cannot edit anything from here, but you can see how all your skills pan out to form your wrestler's build. Not to worry, we know that it is headache-inducing trying to figure out what each skill means, and for that we have a full section dedicated to explain each skill and its use under the GYM section of this wiki.

The Gold, Silver and bronze medals next to a skill indicate that that particular skill is the highest, second, or third highest in you level.

<br clear=all>

=== Match types ===


The next tab is for match types. These are different match types that have different rules for winning, that you can unlock at lv3,6,9,12,15,18, and 21. In addition Supporters get 1 Free match type off the bat, and they unlock every other match type two levels earlier than regular players.

However, if you are eager to fight in a new mtch type, you can use 25 Tournament points to unlock it.
The game has a lot more match types though, than what you see at the start, and more match types will open up for you as you learn the basic ones.

<br clear=all>

=== Achievements, palmares, and Biography ===

* Achievements: This is the list of all achievements you have completed so far. For more informations on each achievements requirement, refer to the achievements tab on the top menu.

* Palmares: Here you will see a record of all your title and contest wins during your career.

* Biography: Biography is your own personal space where you can write about pretty much anything, as long as it is within the game rules.


=== Tag Team ===


=== Stable ===


== GYM ==

=== Skills ===


You have went through this page when you did the tutorial. This page is where you get to spend all of your skill points. Skill points are what directly affects your wrestler performance, so by distributing skill points your wrestler gets stronger. Make sure that you always spend your skill points after a statistic has improved to benefit from your training.

Skill points also directly affect moves, and by distributing skill points a certain way, it will unlock different moves for you.

<br clear=all>

=== Moves ===

Moves are the second most important thing to focus on after statistics. There are more than 500 moves in the game ranging from 5 maximum damage to 66, and split into 3 categories: Direct damage, pin, and submission moves.

You unlock new moves as you spend skill points, and each move requires 2 skills to unlock. Check the in-game moves table to learn everything you need about moves.

Now to how the moves page works:

==== Moves interface ====


*Upon landing on the moves page you will see moves you already know, and you can improve them by clicking the "improve" button
*Clicking 'NEW MOVES' will allow you to see new moves you can learn, once learned, you will be able to use those moves in your matches.
*Clicking 'Disabled' will bring out moves that you have disabled before incase you want to re-enable any of them. (We will get to that later)
*Required position is the position required for you to execute a move.
*Obtained position is the position that your opponent end up with when you hit them with a move. It is suggested to have the majority of your moves lead to groggy and stunned, while if you are a submissionist then your preferrable obtained positions should be grounded for your direct damage moves so you can get your opponent to the position where you can perform most of your submission moves.
*Last thing you should pay attention to is your moves queue which is to the far right of your moves menu, and that's where you can queue more moves to train while you're offline, or just busy doing other things around the game.

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==== Moves attributes ====


# '''Move level:''' Straight forward. The higher your move's level the higher its attributes.
# '''Damage:''' Displayed in minimum and maximum damage. During a match your move will deal any damage between those values.
# '''Attack Bonus:''' Each move has a different attack bonus. Attack bonus will help you land the move without getting dodged. Moves attack bonus gets added to your 'Attack Bonus'(Unstoppable Blows) skill to help you land your hits, but the moves attack bonus loses importance later on the game when you have a 1000+ attack bonus solely from skills and advanced technuiques.
# '''Bleeding/pinning bonus:''' The icon next to this value will change depending on whether it is a direct damage move(The one in the example) or a pinning maneuver. For direct damage moves, Bleeding bonus is very important as the bonus displays the chances of wounding in percentage (the strongest bleeding moves on the game have 25 bleeding bonus) while pinning bonus on pin moves is not that important and can be covered for by your pinning bonus from skills (Elasticity). For Pin moves it is better to focus on damage, while for bleed builds it is essential to go for high bleeding bonus moves.
#'''Learning/Training costs:''' These are costs for learning a move, if it is new to you, or training it, if you already have it.
#'''Training time:''' This is the time it will take you to upgrade the move one level.
#'''Positions:''' Required and obtained positions as explained before, dictate where your opponent should be in order for you to be able to execute the move (Required), as well as which position your move will lead your opponent to be (Obtained).

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==== Disabling Moves ====


To Disable your weak moves, you need to select a required position first, and have more than 3 active moves on that position.
Once you're on the selected position, you will see an X on the bottom right of the move frame.

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=== Advanced techniques ===

Unlocked at level 6/Level 5 Supporter

[[File:ats.png|thumb|right|Double click the level box to upgrade more than one level at once]]

Advanced Techniques (ATs) are the most popular and accessible way to spend your experience points to make yourself stronger. Through ATs you can increase most of the skills in the game, but there are a few skills you cannot increase through ATs. These Skills are:

-Frenzied Urge and Pacification

-Berserker and Feint


Each 1000 Exp increases the amount of a skill of your choosing by 2 – Health (20 every 1000 exp) and Stamina (10 every 1000 exp). As you increase your AT level, the cost together with the skill increase will increase. Example:

AB Level 1 = 2 skills for 1000 exp.

AB Level 2 = 4 skills for 2000 Exp.

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=== Special abilities ===
Unlocked at level 8/Level 7 Supporter

[[File:SAs.png|thumb|right|Double click the level box to upgrade more than one level at once]]

Special abilities are a great way to boost your skills during a very short period. As special abilities are based off Fantaeuros you can buy a lot of them early on as opposed to Advanced Techniques that require experience points which cumulates much slower than fantaeuros.

Special abilities, however, are constrained by efficiency. The way special abilities work will keep you in the competition, but will never put you too far ahead of your rivals.

This is how special abilities work:

- Efficiency increases by up to 3% everytime you lose. Meaning as long as you're losing your special ability will keep getting stronger

- Efficiency decreases by 1% for every win or for every level upgrade on a particular special ability. meaning as you start winning more and more, your special abilities will lose efficiency til your win/loss ratio is equalized

To summarize, Special abilities are a great "Quick Fix" if you're playing from behind, but they'll become more and more unnecessary
as you start winning and dominating your level, so strategize around that to make the best use out of them.

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=== Private Gym ===

Supporter exclusive

Private Gym is a good alternative to advanced techniques if you have the tournament points cost for it. Private gym is as consistent as advanced techniques, and can give you the upper hand early on if you use it wisely.


=== Sparring Partner ===

Unlocked at level 4/Level 3 Supporter

Sparring partner is the fastest way to get a lot of moves executions, and good experience. The higher the level of the master you sparr with is, the more experience and executions you will gain. It is recommended though that you set your trademark and finisher first, so you will take full advantage of your sparring sessions.


== Personnalizations ==

=== Taunts ===

Unlocked at level 3/Level 2 Supporter

Taunts are provocative moves you execute during a match as a confidence boosters. Every wrestler has their own taunt moves that they execute to fire the crowd up and psych the wrestler up to give it his best to win. This exactly the role of taunts in the wrestling game. Executing a taunt successfully will boost your health and stamina and keep you in the fight a few more turns.

However, it is not easy to choose the right taunt, or how to time it.

Taunts in TWG are split into 3 categories: 1 turn, 2 turns, and 3 turns taunts. 3 turn taunts being the hardest to pull off, because they require a long time to finish and you're subject to interruption much easier than the other two, but the risk to reward is much higher if you can afford it. With that said the most popular choice for taunts is the "1 turn" taunts, as they're easy to pull off, so they gain executions and level up faster too.


=== Trademarks ===

Unlocked at level 5/Level 4 Supporter

Trademarks are the second customizable moves you will unlock. From a pro wrestling point of view, trademarks are moves that certain wrestlers are known for, and they usually execute them right before going for the finishing move. Think of it as Batista doing his Spinebuster right before executing his 'Batista Bomb', or Undertaker's 'Old School' (walk on ropes). On the wrestling game, your trademark moves work the same way, and are used to soften up your opponent. Trademarks (TMs) level up faster, and in only a few levels they will be dealing high damage.

Assign a trademark to your wrestler as soon as you unlock them to gain as many executions on it as you can, but make sure to replace it with a stronger move later and assign all the executions you gather to your new and stronger move.


=== Finishers ===

Unlocked when you have a level 10 trademark.

Finishers are the most customizable moves on the game, and if built right, they can totally wipe out a full health opponent.
Knowing how to build your finisher is crucial to your success in The Wrestling Game, and for that we have a whole section, just on how to build finishers.


=== Entrances ===

Unlocked at level 7/Level 6 Supporter


Entrances are your special way of entering the ring. Entrances have seven steps, and you can either improve them all or just pick one and it wouldn't make a difference, as far as your gains are concerned.

Entrances are a huge part of the game, and once you unlock them, they will turn your game strategy heads over heels. That is because are the biggest experience boosters on the game, and for each 400.000 fantaeuros, you are guaranteed to gain +1 experience per match. It might seem to you like a minimal gain, but over the course of a 1.5 years old career (before you're forced to retire) you will make millions of fantaeuros that if you translate them all into entrances, you will be gaining a lot more experience, and therefore more skill points (from advanced techniques) than users who chose the special abilities route.

Special abilities and Private gym however are solid alternatives to entrances/ATs, and can give you the upper hand earlier than the long term strategy of entrances which kicks in much later.

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=== Specializations ===


Specializations are one of the advanced build counters of the game, and they will allow you to lower the efficiency of a particular skill of all opponents that fight against you. Specializations are a great way to cover holes in your build, that you can't counter otherwise.

For example, your run an injuries build but resistance are giving you hard time dealing any damage due to their high damage reduction, specializations can help you lower their damage reduction so they would be easier targets for your deadly maneuvers.

Specializations are very powerful, but the more levels you unlock, the harder it gets to unlock more so make sure to use them wisely.

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=== Match Sepcializations ===


Same concept as class specializations, but instead of working against one specific class and skill in all match types, these work against all skills and classes in a particular match type. The most important match specializations are one fall by far since a lot of competitions are held in that match type.

Another great use for specializations is to have the upper hand in a particular match type you prefer to hold the title for such as First Blood, Last Man Standing or Submission.

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== Arena ==

Ok, now we got to where all the action happens, the main page of the arena. All the casual and title matches happen here, and this is where you will spend most of your time while playing The Wrestling Game.

=== How to fight ===

Let's start with how to choose a match type:

Upon entering the arena, you get to choose which match type you want to challenge the opponent.

* Team: First choose whether you want to fight solo, or do you want to use your tag team or stable. (Tag and Stable are unlocked later on, so if you're new, all you can choose is 'Single')
* Match Type: Once you select an option under team, you can pick a match type to fight in. Single has the most variety of match types currently, while stables has the least.

Once selected you can proceed to choose an opponent to challenge, by clicking the "Fight" Button. Once clicked you'll go to the match viewer where you can '''read''' your match.


=== Match viewing ===


As you probably know, this is a text based game, so your matches will come in a text format, and not a 3D animated match. Once you click the 'fight' button, you will be taken to a titantron page which displays your catch phrases. TIt's just a fun screen for you to write something witty and original for your opponents to read while your match is being generated. You can edit your catchphrases via the settings page (refer to 1. Top menu for the settings page)

Once on the titantron page you can click "View match" to start viewing your match.

So, Match reports have a few different options to view the match in normal speed, x2, x4 or x8 Fast forward. You can also play and pause the match, and once the match is over you can view the full text match, and display analytics. The match viewer also displays a health bar that shows how much health (Health points + Stamina) you have left. (If you want to know how to read a match report, you can jump right to the x.x.x section).

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=== Wrestler Details ===


Friends list is a handy option to keep tabs on your favourite opponents to easily challenge them whenever you want to, or keep all your friends under the same tab to PM them at any time.

It suffise to click the friend button to add a user to your friends list. You can then access the list of friends by checking the "Friends" box on the arena sub-menu as demonstrated above.

First thing you will notice upon entering the arena is that some wrestlers have an extra goldish icon on their frames. those are the level champions, and there is usually 4 of them on every level. Winning titles will yield you a lot of money, but we will get to that later.

Second thing you need to know is the reward part You always want to challenge opponents that have a close or equal + and - on the reward. That means your win/loss odds are almost identical, and your risk to reward is optimal.The higher the red number is, the weaker your opponent will be, and the less reward you will get from the win.

Now to what kind of reward is that!? ... Reward basically means how much score you will gain from beating that opponent, which will boost your ranking within the level. beating your opponent will also yield you Fantaeuros equal to the + reward, while losing won't cost you anything.

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=== Tournaments and Private Leagues ===

==== Tournaments ====


Unlockable after 100 single matches

Tournaments are one of the main competitions in the wrestling game. Tournaments are the most rewarding competitions you can join, but you have to win a turn or two at least for them to be worth it.

Advancing in tournaments will yield you very high amounts of fantaeuros, experience, and fans, so don't miss out on the reward if you have good odds in winning them.

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==== Private Leagues ====

Unlockable after winning 100 single matches

As opposed to the high risk tournaments, leagues are much safer to participate to as you're guaranteed to participate to it until the end regardless of winning or losing. However, wins will yield you more fantaeuros, and winning the whole league will credit you of at least 5 new valuable fans.

=== Events ===

Events are one of the ways the game rewards active players. Every month/Week there is a new Monthly/Weekly event to participate to. Events have a daily limit (usually 10 matches per day) that makes them somewhat hard to achieve unless you login to the game on a daily basis. Monthly events are a great way of obtaining fantaeuros, experience, and free tournament TPs, so make sure to keep track of your progress there.

In addition, Supporters will get "Flash events" randomly, and those usually last 3 days, and yield a good reward in money and TPs.

=== [WGC] Wrestling Game Championship ===


Supporter Exclusive

The Wrestling Game Championship is the biggest competition in the game. If you are a supporter, you will be automatically signed up to it when it starts.

WGC involves all supporter players divided into tiers of 30 wrestlers. WGC will launch two rounds everyday for 15 days, at the end of which, the number one wrestler of the top league will be crowned WGC champion.

The Wrestling Game Championship is the biggest competition in the game. If you are a supporter, you will be automatically signed up to it when it starts.

WGC involves all supporter players divided into tiers of 30 wrestlers. WGC will launch two rounds everyday for 15 days, at the end of which, the number one wrestler of the top league will be crowned WGC champion.

While WGC is the most prestigious singles competition in the game, participating to it or winning it doesn't give you any edge over the others.