Federations is the roleplaying part of the game where you can create your own storylines and build your own virtual roster to broadcast your shows to thousands of players in real time.


TWG Federations are the equivalent of the wrestling show business in real life, where you get to watch all your favourite wrestlers put their years of training and hard work into action. A federation in the wrestling game can accomodate up to 50 wrestlers, who are managed by the general manager, and his assistant Vice GMs.

Federations allow general managers to write their own matches and add commentary, images and other things to it, create titles for their members to compete for, create teams that they can pit against each others, and use this mix to put on entertainig shows for everyone on their server to watch.

All the new rosters starts with 1.000.000 euros that they have to use to manage their roster, and put on shows that bring in profit and boost their popularity. If a GM fails to maintain a positive balance, his roster will be shut down, and he can't apply for GMing ever again.

Federations are only available on Server 1 and merged. If you only play server 2 or world server you may want to skip this section.

Roster Capacity and Show limit

There is actually no limit on the show capacity, but there is a point where GMs will definitely start losing money for having an over-crowded roster.

Roster capacity plays the main role in determining how many shows a GM can air per week.

A week starts at monday 00:00 and ends sunday 23:59 (GMT/UTC +1)

Signing your first contract

As of the most recent update, Federations are open for everyone, and there is no level limit to receive a contract.

A contract is an agreement between you and the general manager of a particular roster to allow the GM to use your wrestler whichever way he see fits in return of a payment everytime you appear in his shows.

GMs will sell more tickets based on your fans count, so if you have a lot of fans, the GM will make a good profit out of using you in his show.

GMs usually offer high level contracts to their most popular members, so if you have just started you might want to sign any contract offered to you until you get a high fans count.

Contract levels

We have 8 different contract types in TWG:

Contract name Contract pay
Jobber 5.000 fantaeuros
Low Card 10.000 fantaeuros
Mid Card 20.000 fantaeuros
Higher Card 30.000 fantaeuros
Maineventer 45.000 fantaeuros
Star 60.000 fantaeuros
Superstar 80.000 fantaeuros
LEGEND 100.000 fantaeuros


Contract penalties & breaches

1. Contract penalties

A contract penalty occurs when a GM fails to fulfill his obligations towards his members. Appearances reset every monday at midnight server time, so if the GM doesn't meet the appearances agreed upon, he will have to fully pay the wrestlers for their missing appearances.

2. Contract breaches

There are 3 types of breaches in the game.

  1. Free mutual breach: This breach will be available to both parties and anyone can request it, but the other party have to agree to it too. This breach is friendly and doesn't penalize any of the parties.
  2. Contract expiration: Once the contract has expired any party can delete it without any consequences.


Show Income, merchandise sales, and popularity


Show Income

Show income is mainly made out of how much fans attend the show. The show income is simply equal to (the attendance x ticket price).


Ticket price & Show attendance

Ticket prices are currently: 10 FEs, 15 FEs, or 25 FEs.

A ticket price can be set by the GM upon confirming the show. However, if a GM airs more than one show per week (Monday 00:00 to sunday 23:59), the price set on the first show of the week will override the ticket price of the rest of the shows during that week.

The show attendance (tickets sold) will be heavily impacted by the price set. Setting a higher price means that not all the players fans will be able to afford to attend the show:

10 FEs will allow you to get anywhere between 80% to 100% conversion on the players fans.

15 FEs However cannot get you above 80% conversion, while the minimum is 60%.

And for 25 FEs conversion will be at 40% minimum and 70% maximum.

(Setting a high price will almost always generate more revenue, but bare in mind that your ranking points totally depend on show attendance, so lower attendance means lower ranking)

Roster Popularity

Roster popularity is calculated based on which roster had the highest attendance during that week. To keep it fair for the lower density rosters, only the most highest attendance show of the week is taken into consideration, so GMs cannot stack attendance by airing more than one show.



Merchandise sales is a player focused feature. After each appearance, the player will receive merchandising sales income based on whether he won or lost his match.

Winning a match will make more of your fans buy your merchandise, thus resulting in a higher sales income.


In Depth

In depth details on how federations work.

In Depth

How is Roster Score Calulated?

Your roster ranking is based on your roster score.

Roster score is calculated at the end of every week, and it is directly affected by your show attendance.
The amount of points each roster gains is based off the number of existing rosters:
i.e: For 10 rosters, the points pool will be (100 x 10) which will be 1000 points total.

The points pool will be distributed based off rosters attendance during that particular week.

Your gain will be equal to = total points x your attendance / total rosters attendance

To simplify this, lets assume a server has 2 rosters competing:

The points pool will be: 200

One show had 1500 tickets sold, while the other only sold 500

the first one will get: 1500 x 200 / 2000 = 150 points

the second will only get: 50 points

If you air more than one show per week, only the highest attendance show will be taken into consideration