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Might (Direct damage increaser)

Might, also known as Direct Damage Increaser (DDI), increases all direct damage that comes from direct damage moves, trademarks and finishers. Might/DDI will make your wrestler hit harder, which makes it easier for you to bring your opponent's health down. This skill is used to counter the opponent's Damage Resistance, and drain your opponent health points.


This skill increases your Adrenaline Gain (AG). Adrenaline gain is a key factor when it comes to creating your finisher and decides how much adreanline your wrestler will gain during every turn. If you don't know it yet, You cumulate adrenaline gain every turn, and it is like this:

Every attack = your total adrenaline gain Each time you get attacked = 50% of your adrenaline gain.

Let's explain how it works with some math:

Say you have 20 Adrenaline gain, your match is currently at the turn 20, and you have had 8 attacks so far, and got hit 12 times. Your adrenaline at this point will be:

(20 adrenaline gain x 8 turns x 1(the attacking factor)) + (20 adrenaline gain x 12 turns x 0.5 (50% factor for being hit)) = 380 Adrenaline.

So At turn 20, you will be able to hit a finisher that has a 360 adrenaline cost or less.

Matches usually have 80 turns, so you have to know how much adrenaline gain you make per turn, assess when you will be able to gain enough adrenaline, and base your finisher's cost on it.

Adrenaline is solely responsible for finishers, and has no other hidden role. If you want to learn how to use it efficiently, you can read more about finishers on it's <a href="#">dedicated section.</a>

Unstoppable Blow

Increases your Attack Bonus (AB). Attack bonus is the main factor in hitting or missing moves. To hit your move you have to have more attack bonus than your opponent dodge or block.

Your attack bonus comes from two sources:

  1. Your skills (Skill points, Advanced techniques .. etc): This is the main source for all the game skills
  1. Move attack bonus: Each move has a different attack bonus that adds up to your skills to help you hit that particular move.

Your moves + Skills attack bonuses add up to form a total attack bonus that is put against your opponent's dodge or block then to determine whether you hit or miss your move.

Stiff Blow

Increases your Bleeding Bonus (BB). BB gives your bleeding moves (marked by a 'Wounding: X') a higher chance to cut your opponent. Cuts drain your opponent's health and if you manage to cut your opponent 5 times in a match, it will result in a knockout giving you the victory automatically.


Increases your chance to complete your attack sequence. This is one of the few skills you can't boost through Advanced Techniques (see Advanced Techniques Guide).

Attack sequences are the total successive attacks you can make without being dodged/blocked. You can increase your attack sequence length by improving frenzied urge (Check its section) while Berserker increases your chances of completing the attack sequence. Berserker increases your chances by 2% per point, and at 100% you'll be able to fully hit your attack sequence.

Class Skill: Fury

Increases both DDI and AB, making this a very useful skill. Also Fury is required to unlock a lot of powerful moves that are specific to the Strength class.

make sure to always max out your class skill as its cost/reward ratio is the highest.


Improved Reflexes (Dodge)

Increases your Dodge, which is a defensive skill. Dodge improves your chances of avoiding your opponent's attacks, and enables you to start your own attack sequence. Dodge (or block) is very important for you to preserve your healthy state, and survive the match if you're not tanky (don't have a lot of health points, and stamina).

Head Start

Increases your Initiatve (Ini). Initiative is what decides if you will react quickly and attack first, and it is mainly used in four situations (initiative checks):

  1. when someone escapes a submission hold
  2. when an attack sequence ends uninterrupted
  3. when someone tries to use a taunt
  4. in the start of matches to decide who gains the upper hand.

If you roll more initiative than your opponent, you will be the first one to attack in these situations.


Executing moves, dodging, or keeping submission holds drains your stamina slowly. Lightness (Stamina Reducer) reduces the amount of Stamina you lose when executing moves and when you get hit.

This is one of the few skills you can't boost through Advanced Techniques.


Increases your Pinning Bonus. Pin Bonus increases your wrestler's chance to successfully pin your opponent and end the match ealier than it is supposed to. Pin Bonus builds are mainly built around a high damage pin finisher, or pinning trademark that would keep the opponent down after hitting.

Frenzied Urge (Furge)

We have talked about this one previously (See Berserker) and this one is the second half of the attacks allowed column on your profile page.

Frenzied Urge increases your amount of allowed attacks in your attack sequences. Every 5 points of this skill increases the amount of your allowed attacks by one, which means that only every 5 points are useful! Think of this skill as ball possession in football. The more attacks allowed you have the higher your chances are to have more attacks during a match than your opponent does. But this is only true if you can keep hitting without getting dodged. This is one of the few skills you can’t boost through Advanced Techniques (see Advanced Techniques Guide). Example: Level 20 Furge increases your allowed attacks amount by 4. Level 24 Furge also increases your allowed attacks amount by 4.

Class Skill: Quickness

Increases both Initiative and Pin Bonus for the price of one skill, making this the most important skill in your arsenal if you're a speedster.

Quickness is required to unlock a lot of powerful moves that are specific to the Speed class.



Block is another defensive skill that allows you to nullify your opponent's attack, but the difference between this and dodge, is that block doesn't give you back the initiative. Block however is easier to use and with the sufficient amount, you can block every attack in your opponent's attack sequence.

If you prefer you can combine both dodge and block so that you can block to avoid getting hit until your dodge kick in allowing you to attack back.

Power Grappling

We are now entering the mighty realm of submissions. Power grappling is specific to submission builds, so unless you have submission maneuvers in your moves arsenal, this skill will be useless to you. Power grappling is your Submission Damage Increaser (SDI). It increases the damage of your submission holds, and improves your chances of injuring your opponent.

Injuries cause your opponent to lose stamina each turn, and if you manage to injure your oppnent five times during a match you will automatically win.

Ruthless Grasp

Another skill specific to submissionists. This one increases your Submission Bonus (SB). When you execute a submission move it will hit your opponent with initial damage followed by potentially two 'holds'. These holds deal submission damage with a chance of injuring your opponent and the damage is increased by SDI (Remember Power Grappling?). SB increases your chance of getting a double hold with your submissions preventing your opponent from escaping – therefore indirectly increases your submissions' damage.

Escape Artist

Increases your Escape Submission (ES) which improves your chances of escaping your opponent's submission holds – Submission Escape/Escape Artist directly counters Ruthless Grasp. This is your ticket out of deadly submission holds, so abuse it.

Escape artist will only help you escape submission maneuvers, and won't help you kick out of pinning maneuvers.


Increases your chance of interrupting your opponent's attack sequence. Feint is the opposite of Berserker, in that it increases your chances of interrupting the attack sequence even when your block/dodge doesn't trigger. Feint as well as berserker are useless, unless they are paired with good amounts of Pacification for feint (Check resistance skills), and frenzied urge for Berserker.

This is one of the few skills you can't boost through Advanced Techniques.

Class Skill: Mastery

Increases your wrestler's SDI and SB, making this one of the most important skills for a submission user. Also Mastery is required to unlock a lot of powerful moves that are specific to the Technique class.



Tireless is your wrestler's stamina, and the more stamina you have the better your performance will be. Every action during a match requires a stamina cost, and when you lose all your stamina, you won't be able to complete your actions successfully, and your health points will drop faster.

Think of Stamina as the fuel of other skills. The more stamina you lose, the less efficient your other skills will be, so make sure to have enough stamina to get through the match.

Tireless increases your wrestler’s base stamina by 2% for every level. The percentage bonus will only affect your base Stamina, and not stamina obtained from advanced techniques or Special abilities.

Tip: If you see a sudden shift of performance and you suddenly become weaker after hitting a strong move, or dropping colors too fast while you're the one attacking 
then that's an indication of lack of stamina.


Increases your Damage Resistance (DR). Toughness (DR) reduces the damage you take from all sources and is capped at 80%, meaning no matter how much damage reduction you have, the minimum damage you can take from an attack is 20%. Having 100% damage reduction however doesn't mean you will always take the minimum damage, because you have to factor in your opponent damage increasers. Damage reduction will get deducted from the damage increaser of your opponent, so if your opponent has more direct/submission damage increaser than your damage reduction, then your damage reduction will be nulled, and you'll take the full if not more damage from his move.

Thick Skin

Increases your Health Points (HP). HP is the amount of damage you can take before you are completely whipped out. Your wrestler name color in match reports indicate your current health, and it goes from green to red, with red being the lowest.

Health points work as a shield for your stamina, and once it is all gone, your stamina will be exposed making you an easy target. once stamina reaches 0 It is game over for you, so load on health points to protect your wrestler.


Increases your Pin Opposition. This skill increases your chances to kick out of pinning manuevres more effectively. If you are struggling to kick out of a pinning maneuver while you still have some health to fight, then this is what you need to keep fighting til you have nothing left.

Willpower will only help you kick out of pinning maneuvers, and won't help you escape submission maneuvers.


Increases your amount of Attacks Denied. Attacks Denied reduces the amount of your opponent's Allowed Attacks, making Pacification a direct counter to Frenzied urge. However, no matter how much Pacification you have, your opponent’s amount of allowed attacks can't be pushed further down than three Allowed Attacks.

This is one of the few skills you can't boost through Advanced Techniques.

Class Skill: Endurance

Increases both Damage reducer (Toughness) and Health points (Thick Skin). This skill is essensial for tanks as it increases two very important defensive skills. Also Endurance is required to unlock a lot of powerful moves that are specific to the Resistance class.

Versatility: Balanced class skill

Balanced has no specific statistic, but balanced wrestlers learn all statistics equally 12.5% faster than the normal skills making them versatile to learn any set of skills you want them to. Balanced class is a little advanced compared to the rest and is not recommended to beginners, but if you have patience, and the will to learn, you can make a beast out of this class and outperform every other wrestler in your level. Balanced class skill is versatility, which is arguably the best class skill in the game, as it combines all other class skills in one. But, versatility also needs points on all four classes before you can upgrade it.

Example: To upgrade versatility from level 9 to level 10, you need 10 points on each of your skills (Strength, speed, technique, and resistance).

   Versatility grants all the bonuses from Fury, Quickness, Mastery and Endurance. But leveling up Versatility (Versa) won’t unlock the other class specific moves – only Balanced class moves.