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Techniques, a somewhat Sadistic class by nature. Almost everything about Techniques reads Submissions, Injuries and making opponent's screams. Technique is the only class in the game that is structured to the core for Submission style set ups, with a range of submission moves available to them from their class Skill Tree alone, on top of their very bonus being Submission purified.

Techniques have a reduced timer in the Technique Stat, along with more points to distribute. As the Technique Skill Tree is the only Skill Tree to contain any form of Submission Defence on Offence skill's, the class can be considered an offence style class. Techniques therefore, are commonly seen as the game's core Submission Class, especially as they also have submissions bound only to their Class Skill.

However, like every class, Techniques to have their disadvantages and this falls into Defence and Stamina. Techniques have standard points in Strength [The Core Offence Skill Tree], Speed [The core Stamina Skill Tree] and Resistance [The Core Defence Skill Tree]. This means, they ultimately have a lower Stamina Reduction, Less Health and less offence for their standard moves, but have a major advantage when it comes to Blocking and Submissions, simply because they are obtained mostly via the Technique Skill Tree.

Techniques still are capable of being more than just submission based wrestlers though, but for them it involves focusing more on key skill's that are not as available to them, therefore it is less common to see a Technique who is not sporting Submissions. Speaking off, let's take a look at the Technique Skill Tree...


Block: For each point spent on Block, you gain 1 point on Block Skill

Block allows you to guard against your opponent's attacks and appears in matches as Green text. While Dodge would stop your opponents Attack Turn, Block instead guards, allowing the opponent to continue attacking. This can help lead to your opponent becoming tired faster during matches.

Power Grappling: For each point spent on Power Grappling, you gain 1% bonus on damage dealt by submission moves and finishers

Power Grapple gives you an additional 1% Damage to Submission holds, and finishers Submission holds. It is called Submission Damage Increaser as an Advanced Technique and on your profile. It is directly competed with Damage Reducer and can only work at 90% Above on someone's Damage Reducer. It will not apply to anything other than Submission Holds.

Ruthless Grasp: For each point spent on Ruthless Grasp, you gain 1 point on Submission Bonus.

Ruthless Grasp gives you an extra point of Submission Bonus. Submission Bonus allows you to hold your Submissions against your opponents and is a direct counter to Escape Submission. Submission Bonus effects a Submission Hold Strength only and increases the chance of the Opponent NOT getting out of a hold, it can also effect the chance of Tapping and Injury's to a degree.

Escape Artist: For each point spent on Escape Artist, you gain 1 point on Escape Submission Manoeuvre Skill.

Escape Artist gives you a point % in the Escape Submission Skill. Escape Submission is a % chance to escape a submission hold and directly competes with Submission Bonus, although Escape Submission can be built above 100% through the use of Advanced Techniques, it does not mean you have a 100% Chance of escaping. Each hold is rolled so no % is a defined chance.

Feint: For each point spent on Feint, you gain 2% chance to interrupt your opponent's attack sequence.

Feint gives 2% for each point spent. Feint works by competing directly against an opponent's Berserker on the first turn, it is also predicted to play a role in following turns of an opponent to give a chance of haltering their attacks without blocking or using Attacks Denied, this can be seen as "Preventing and taking the initiative" without the move being performed having been a submission or a pin.

Class Skill: Mastery: For each point spent on Mastery, you gain: - 1 point on Submission Bonus - 1% bonus on Submission Bonus Damage.

Mastery is Technique's Class Skill and gives 1 Point in Submission Bonus and 1% in Submission Damage Increaser. It is a skill that is heavily orientated with unique moves bound to it, many being Submissions.

Techniques have the class skill Mastery, which gives them +1 in Submission Bonus and +1 in Submission Damage Increaser, along with access to unique moves bound only to Technique, this is also largely made up from Submission Moves. Mastery as a class skill points Techniques directly towards a Submission Offence style build from the start.

Techniques also automatically gain access to Block from the Technique Skill Tree, which is the similar to Dodge. Block unlocks moves for Techniques, as functions overall better with the Class because of this. However, this doesn't mean Techniques could never use Dodge, however it is generally unadvisable due to the lower Skill Point distribution given for Speed, along with Block already being available and it effectively performing the same job.

You find multiple ways of building a Technique in player submitted Guides, on top of my own Kiromori Scream Guide. Techniques although have a strength in Submission Style builds, they are capable of more build styles. All of your skills in the Technique Class Skill Tree will ultimately become 40 in all, to unlock all moves in the end game, so do not threat about placing 1 or 2 points into the "wrong" Skills in Technique during the early game.

Significant Moves of Class:

Technique has a strong list of Submissions and Bleed Moves bound to its class; it is also the only Class to have Submissions specifically for the class, directing the class to be better cored for Submission based build play; although Techniques also have its fair share of damage and bleed moves available to it.

Build Strategy for Class:

Techniques are initially great Submission builders thanks to both its Mastery Skill and it's access to Ruthless Grasp and Power Grapple via the Technique Skill Tree, although later game have the option to move towards a more bleed or max damage build strategy. It is highly recommended that all technique players start off as Submission based, due to the quicker unlock time and the class bound submission moves giving them an advantage over other classes in the early game for the style of build. Techniques therefore, need to rely on Submission Bonus and Submission Damage Increase when using these submissions, but there are other factors that must be considered early game throughout.

Essential Information:

Techniques have a theory of containing Hidden Bonus in Attack Bonus and Block, allowing them to function with less of each, though in the current Engine this may no longer give them a meaningful bonus. This is not confirmed to be true, although it is widely believed to be the case. This is formed around Techniques being found to hit most of its moves in the early levels despite not investing into Attack Bonus, or its Attack Bonus being lower than the opponents Dodge or Block.

Submission Bonus is believed to act as Attack Bonus for Submissions, however this theory is not confirmed but is believed to be true. The theory is based around submissions being able to hit its initial more often a regular move, while in addition to contain no visible Submission Bonus of the move itself.

Submission Bonus and Submission Damage Increaser can both effect a Submission's hold strength, although this can also be achieved by only Submission Bonus. It is unknown what having a stronger hold actually achieves beyond maintaining hold and an increased chance of Scream or Tap.

To cause a scream as a Technique, or any submission user in that respect, the Submission must hit for a minimum of 20 damage during its hold's against the opponent. This can be achieved through either high level submissions, or Submission Damage Increaser.