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What makes a Speed Class so... Speedy? The actual answer is not that the class is particular fast in matches, but it's stamina endurance is like no other. Speed's have a higher focus in Stamina, both as its base amount and its Stamina Reduction. Stamina Reduction comes in the form of Lightness, which is obtained from the Speed Stat Tree; all classes have access to this but Speed's have one little advantage.

Timer. Reduced Timer in Speed on top of Additional points to spend in the Class Skill Tree give Speed a massive advantage over every class when it comes to that factor. Speed's can do more with less stamina drain, and have a bigger pool naturally to work with. Later on, this gives Speed's a chance to produce more damage output with a lower penalty to their Stamina pool. Sounds pretty unfair on other classes right? Think again.

You see, where a Speed have a fantastic Stamina Reduction penalty, they do not have any particular offensive, or defensive path for them. In fact, they are the only class not to have one set out before them. Whereas Speed have an advantage when it comes to Stamina, in turn they have a disadvantage in Offense and Defensive base Stat's, being forced to the standard timer and skill distribution for both Resistance [the core Defensive Skill Tree] and Strength [The core Offensive Stat Tree].

This doesn't however make Speed a class that could never be either, but instead means players who choose Speed must invest in both. This is the Balance, that Speed's are given to make up for their advantage in Stamina Reduction. Now, let's take a look at what a Speed gets in its Stat Tree...


Improved Reflexes: For each point spent on Improved Reflexes, you gain 1 point on Dodge Bonus.

Dodge allows you to avoid your opponents moves. It reacts much like Block, however in matches it shows in Blue and stops the entire attack chain, rather then guard against it. It directly competes with your opponent's Attack Bonus.

Head Start: For each point spent on Head Start, you gain 1 point on Initiative Bonus

Initiative allows you to control your opponent by taking the lead following Submission and Pin Moves. It is also the first roll of a match and decides who takes the first move.

Lightness: For each point spent on Lightness, Stamina costs are reduced by 0.95%

In your profile, this shoes as Stamina Reducer. Every move you perform, costs your Stamina, and each point of Lightness reducers that by 0.95%. Stamina Reducer is capped to 90% .

Elasticity: For each point spent on Elasticity, you gain one point on Pin Bonus.

Pin Bonus allows you to hold a Pin against an opponent to a great success rate, making it harder them to kick out. The more Pin Bonus you carry, the harder it is for your opponent to kick out, especially if they are not in Red during the match yet.

Frenzied Urge: Increase the maximum number of your allowed consecutive attacks by one for every 5 points between this skill and your opponents "Pacification" skill

Frenzied Urge allows you to hit more attacks in a single turn before you are prevented in some form by default. Everyone starts with 5 Attacks Allowed, for each 5 Points in Urge, that Attacks Allowed is raised by 1, allowing you to then hit up to 6 Attacks in a row. It is counter by Pacification.

Class Skill: Quickness: For each point spent on Quickness, you gain: 1 point to Initiative Bonus & 1 point to Pin Bonus

Speed's unique Class Skill. This also unlocks moves only available to Speed.

You can find more information on Skill's, including information on other class Skill's in the Skill Tree Explanation Guide.

Speeds, have a Class Skill, known as Quickness. It gives Speeds, a +1 Initiative Bonus, and a +1 Pin Bonus; along with it, unique moves only available to the Speed Class. This is considered quite a low key Class Skill in comparison to other classes and this is purely because Pin Bonus doesn't function as strong as it once was, especially compared to other skills. However, do not let this put you off, because it gives moves that could be argued are worth investing into Quickness for.

Speed's get access to Dodge from their Skill Tree; Dodge functions much like Technique's Block and because of this, Speed's function far, far better using Dodge, it unlocks moves for them and it gives them a defence to work with. Now this isn't saying a Speed could never use Block if it wanted to, but the question you would have to ask yourself is why train Technique to spend into Block, when you could quite happily get Dodge anyway?

You will find many ways to utilise a Speed in Speed Build Guides, where players will output what to invest in and how to use these Class Skills in ways you could benefit from. Ultimately, you will obtain 40 in each Skill to unlock all moves in the end, so do not threat about what to go into first or if you feel you have placed in the wrong slot early game.

Significant Moves of Class:

Early I mentioned Speed have a disadvantage in Offence, while this is strictly true for its Skill Tree point availability, it however cannot be said for its moves. Speed, gain access to some impressive Bleed Moves, as well as Damage moves and could fairly easily fill its move set's with high damage moves that could make Speed a fearsome class to face even if it did not have Direct Damage Increaser to make it moves even stronger. Now, as Speed has its higher Stamina Reducer, it can start to make use of these higher damage moves and hit them out without feeling the penalty that other classes may do when doing the same.

Build Strategy for Class:

Speed's naturally process great Bleed moves with high damage, which makes them an excellent choice to push right towards a Bleed Build. Bleed builds rely solely on moves with the additional skill known as Wounding, which works hand in hand with Bleed Bonus [which can be obtained from Strength as Stiff Blow, or through Advanced Techniques as Low Blow], which allows that move to trigger a Bleed roll chance on impact when the damage hits over 20. Speed's are also very capable of achieving Maximum Damage builds too, because they also have access to some very high damage moves that do not cause wounding effect. Rolled in with the high Stamina Reduction, a Speed can run around with moves at a higher level than other classes, giving them a great offensive set up.

Essential Information:

Pin Bonus as of the current Engine does not function well enough to warrant upgrading beyond your Statistics. While it can work well with high Pin Bonus, it requires a large investment that may be better used elsewhere

Dodge is given from the Speed Stat, it is therefore better to invest into that over Block through your career as a Speed Wrestler. Dodge will allow you to stop an attack chain but requires more to get the same probability compared to Block, so it has an advantage of being an easier early investment given that it is a speed stat.

Speed has naturally higher Stamina in early levels thanks to Lightness and the 2 - 4 Stamina points that each Speed Stat gives, because of this, you may not need to invest into Stamina Advanced Techniques in the initial stages, however they will still be required later game due to your moves, trademark and finisher gaining enough damage that'll it's start to cause a larger impact regardless of your Lightness level.

Speed's have the option to use both Damage Resistance and Direct Damage Increaser as a main Advanced Technique due to having low of either. However, it is worth baring in mind that Speed has lower Health, so would need investments into Health Points for the latter, while the former will require more investment into additional stat's as explained in Bleed and Maximum damage Build Stratagy's.